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Thinking of You Week 2020


Thinking of You Week 2020

Thinking of You Week starts today, and it feels very timely. At the start of lockdown, I found myself making an effort to keep in touch with people that I wasn't able to meet, but as the weeks have dragged on and being isolated feels like the new normal, I'm glad of the prompt to make contact again.

Thinking of You Week runs from 21 to 28 September and is supported by the greeting card industry. We were featured on the Greeting Card Association blog back in April when we teamed up with Cofight, and we love their strapline - send a card, deliver a smile. I'm grateful for the technology that has helped me connect with people over the last few months, but nothing says I'm thinking of you like a hand-written card delivered through the post.

 I'm sending this card to a friend that I met at university many years ago, who was best woman at my wedding and who I last saw in early March when I stayed over after a work trip to Nottingham. Who needs to hear from you that you are thinking of them? 

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