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Out of the Box - we'll help you keep in touch


Out of the Box - we'll help you keep in touch

We've created four postcard designs that children (or adults) can colour and send to friends and family. You can download our OOTB postcard templates for free, or buy printed postcards to colour, in packs of eight - two of each design.

It’s hard when you can’t pop round to your friends to play or visit your Granny for a hug. But even though we have to keep apart at the moment, this activity for children will help them stay close by keeping in touch with the people they love.

  • Download our OOTB postcard templates. Print out the front and the back, cut each into four and stick a back to each front. You could sandwich some card in between to make them stronger.
  • Colour the front of the postcard and write a message on the back to a friend, a neighbour or someone in your family who you can’t visit at the moment.
  • Every day we’ll give you an idea of what to write about on your postcard, on Twitter - @outtheboxcards, Instagram - @outoftheboxcards and Facebook
  • If you haven’t got a printer, you could make your own postcard. Use the inside of a cereal packet for example, and stick two pieces of card together, Copy one of our card designs from our website or create your own. 
  • Why not pop a postcard through a neighbour’s door when you go out for your daily exercise? Let’s build community and fight the fear together. Or add an address and post your cards to people who live further away. If your postcard is printed on paper, it's best to put it in an envelope to protect it in the post. 
  • You can order stamps from our website - search for stamps in the drop down menu on the Cards page, or go to the Home page.

And you can now order printed postcards to colour, in packs of eight - two of each design.

Staying safe

  • Evidence suggests that covid-19 lives on porous surfaces such as paper or cardboard for less than 24 hours. Don’t send cards if you’re unwell; wait until you’re better!
  • If you’re sending something in an envelope, seal it with your finger dipped in water rather than licking it, to be on the safe side.
  • If you’re sending a postcard to a neighbour that you don’t know very well yet, you might like to send it from your whole family rather than just your child. 
  • Wash your hands well before you colour and write, before you deliver the card or post it, and when you get back home. I bet you’re getting very good at washing your hands now!

Colouring three

You can download these instructions here

We're delighted to be part of the Cofight-19 Campaign - bringing together creative ideas to provide practical support, comfort, inspiration and hope in this global health crisis.

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