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Cards for Mother's Day


Cards for Mother's Day

With a launch date so close to Mother's Day, it was obvious that some of our new designs should celebrate the occasion. Ask different people what they think of Mother's Day, though, and you'll unleash a wide range of strongly-held opinions. 

This is what came up in conversations:

  • Overall, mums are amazing, but not saints or superwomen. 
  • There are lots of different ways to be a mum, and it's not a competition.
  • Women will do lots of different things over their lifetime. Being a mum might be one of them, or it might not.
  • Relationships are complicated (understatement). Not everyone gets on well with their mum. While many want to respect what the day means to her, they can’t send a ‘best mum in the world’ card with any integrity. 
  • Mothering is not synonymous with housework. Thanking your mum on Mother’s Day for doing the laundry is a little short-sighted. She’s probably done more significant things for you than making sure you have clean knickers.
  • Similarly, you’re deluded if you think that breakfast in bed and a lie-in on Mother’s Day compensate for expecting your mum or your wife to do all the domestic stuff for the other 364 days in the year. It’s 2019 – do your fair share.
  • Mother’s Day can be really, really hard for those who would love to have children of their own but don’t for different reasons, because there’s no room for grief and loss in the way the day gets celebrated. 
  • It’s not only mums who mother. Nurturing children and creating a healthy family life is something that gets shared between lots of different people rather than being the sole responsibility of one woman. 
  • Many of us are tired of pink flowers, ribbons, cute teddies and being taken for granted.

No single Mother’s Day card will be suitable for everyone, but we hope that our contribution to what’s on offer will resonate with lots of you. 

Many hats, one heart

We stole this phrase from a friend’s Instagram post. She’s a youth worker, an inspirational speaker, a mum of two adopted children, an author who’s passionate about girls being all they can be and one of the most encouraging people I know. Women often wear lots of hats at any one time and will do tons of different things over their lifetime, but underneath the juggling is a strong heart that makes it all work.
Many hats One heart (smaller) 

Hooray for the matriarchy!
We want to celebrate the women who have shaped us, who inspire us, who challenge us and who champion us, both those in our families and those who are part of our wider lives. This is a card to send to the older, wiser women that have been role models and leaders, as well as the sisters and friends who show you how to live life with courage and authenticity.
Hooray for the Matriarchy (smaller)

It takes a village

It’s not only mums who mother, who provide the nurture and consistency that enable children to grow up with the knowledge that they are loved and have worth. The idea for this card came from a woman who lives on a different continent to her parents and siblings, and who is so grateful for the friends and neighbours who invest in her children’s lives. She wanted a card to send to them on Mother’s Day to say thank you for helping to nurture her family. It takes a village blue background square

Generations of women
Something incredible happens when women from different generations work together, look out for each other, and make things happen. This is a card to celebrate the women who have been significant in your life on Mothers' Day, on birthdays or just because.
Different types of mothers (smaller)

You can order cards here and get in touch with us by email: 

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